Local Poets

The Last Bath by Mark Ford

A smile a chat
A laugh a beer
Always & forever
Any time of year
A handshake a smile
A boy’s hug
More laughs & if you’re lucky some grub
Sit and smile and talk and laugh
Never wanting
The footballer’s bath

We Miss You by Mark Ford

The stones look cold and bare
But we know your there
The sun is shining down
Like your smile never a frown
It’s warmth like you gave
Your love to us all
And we miss you

For Vern by Mark Ford

Sat by the Wishing Well
The sun on my face
But no sun could ever take your place

The running stream
Like laughter and love you gave
We all hope to see your face again
You left and never said goodbye
We miss you with all our hearts
And tears on our eyes.

Sorrow & Joy by Mark Ford

The River runs for years & tears
And now like it we shed our tears
Tears of sorrow, tears of joy
From us to you man & boy
Never look back never fear
We will remember you with a tear
And warm heart

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